All prices, treatments and information are correct at the time of posting this website and are subject to revision without notice.

Medical conditions – Please inform us at the times of booking if you have any medical condition / contraindication which may affect or prevent your treatment i.e. high blood pressure, low blood pressure, pregnancy, heart condition, diabetes, epilepsy, broken bones, cancer, metal pins/plates, thyroid problems, allergies, varicose veins, anxiety attacks, asthma, migraines, prescribed medication, roaccutane/retonol , AHA peels, recent surgery, skin problems, viruses, autoimmune disease or other.

Waxing – Do not have heat treatments or undertake exercise (e.g. sauna, sunbed, Jacuzzi, workout, or swim etc.) less than 8 hours before or 24 hours after your wax. Avoid wearing “best” underwear for Bikini wax.  Avoid normal deodorants after under arm wax. A patch test is required if this is your first time in our salon. Please book this at least 24 hours before your waxing.

Tinting – a 24 hr sensitivity test is required before eyebrow and eyelash tinting treatments.

Contact Lenses – clients will be asked to remove them before any facial or eye treatments. Unfortunately we cannot provide any container to store the lenses in during your treatment, so please bring your own container.

General treatment advice – very important – Food – Always allow at least 1 hour to digest your meals before having treatments.  Alcohol – Never consume alcohol before any treatment.

Cancellation Policy – We understand that appointments will need to be changed or cancelled from time to time. In order to facilitate you and our clients, we kindly ask for 24 hours notice in these instances.
Please note our specific policies below:
* A credit card is required when making your appointment.
* 24 hours notice is required to cancel or amend an appointment.
* If you fail to show for an appointment (without any prior notice given), a 100% cancellation charge will be applied.
* The charge will be made without further notification if the required cancellation notice is not given.