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Relax & Unwind with one of our Men's Treatments



avalon mens treatments

Men can also treat themselves at Avalon with a full range of male orientated treatments.


Skin Fitness Facial


This is a deep clean, detox and corrective grooming facial. A superb brightener that reveals skin in top condition with lighter pores and a more even skin tone.


55 mins - €65

Add on Steam & Extractions for €10 | 15 mins Neck & Shoulder Massage for €15



Power Moist Facial


Hydration Facial. The first signs of ageing and dull complexion are often signs of lack of hydration. A high performance of hydrating treatment with double hydrating mask designed to plump and hydrate facial contours. Includes a relaxing facial & Shoulder Massage.


55 mins - €75

Add on Steam & Extractions for €10 | 15 mins Neck & Shoulder Massage for €15


Age Defence Facial


This tightening and firming grooming facial acts like a real face lift. Cleansing micro exfoliation, stimulatingmist, restructuring natural active ingredients and ultra - targeting masks smooth lines and fights premature ageing signs.


55 mins - €85

Add on Steam & Extractions for €10 | 15 mins Neck & Shoulder Massage for €15


Back Cleanse


A deep cleanse treatment for the back. Begins with a deep exfoliation, followed by steam with optional extractions. A mask is then applied to purify and clarify the skin. Finish with application of a specialised treatment cream using relaxing massage movements.


45 mins €50


Soin Velours (Body Polish)


This full body deep exfoliating treatment will leave you invigorated with smooth, clean skin. Great for ingrown hairs and acne on the back.


55 mins €75


Ear Candling


Ear Candling is a pleasant non-invasive treatment that can help to promote an enhanced state of health. It is used primarily to relieve head and ear conditions such as:
* Pain and Congestion in head and ears following flying
* Compacted Ear Wax
* Sinus Problems
* Tinnitus
* Migraine & Headaches
* Relieve Stress


25 mins €25
Recommend course of 3.


Mens TreatmentsWaxing

Back from €30
Chest from €20




Yonka Hot Stone Massage


Using a combination of Swedish hand massage movements and Hot Stones, your tension will melt away with this relaxing massage.


55 mins; €85


De Stress Massage


Using traditional Swedish movements on aching neck & shoulder muscles, help relieve stress & tension.


25 mins €40

Half Body Massage


This massage includes the full back as well as the back of the legs. Excellent for those who play hurling, football, soccer, rugby and also joggers.


25 mins €45


Full Body Swedish Massage


This is our most popular treatment. It is a relaxing treatment using firm but gentle pressure to promote relaxation and to ease muscle tension and stress, it includes back, back + front of legs, arms and chest.


55 mins €75


Deep Tissue Massage


If you want more intensive work and firmer pressure then this is the massage for you. Using forearms and elbows it penetrates to deepest levels of stress tension in muscles to relieve aches and pains.


55 mins €75 / 25 mins €45

Full Body Aromatherapy Massage


This Massage uses traditional Swedish movements incorporating essential oils derived from plants to affect your mind / mood and alleviate pain and aches from muscles.  Choose from Relaxing, Energising or Detoxifying.


55 mins €80


Indian Head


Includes massage of neck and shoulders to begin with, followed with relaxing and stress relieving scalp movements which will alleviate tension, fatigue, insomnia, headaches. migraine, sinus problems and stress.


25 mins €45




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